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ADAM is a fast growing and innovative UAE based web design and software company. We are pleased (and grateful) to say that the speed of our growth is not down to some expensive marketing campaign or many hours pounding the streets, it is simply from the warm and glowing recommendations our customers have given us over the years. We found early on in our creation that the best customers are the ones you already have and try to reflect this in the way we work.

Our customer base is incredibly diverse and covers almost the entire range of business sectors including retail, manufacturing, service, local authority, charities, education, church authorities, professional sport and trade associations. The Directors of ADAM have considerable business experience, so we always ensure we look at any project from both the programming and function aspect as well as the commerce angle. There is no point having a superb looking website that is not suitable for the target industry. The combination of business and common sense helps us to provide solutions that work.

Our approach to work is very simple.  Be competitive when pricing, develop the best products we can, create designs we can be proud of and keep our promises. 

Because of our business ethos, we have tried to create a team to match.  It is amazing how a random bunch of individuals can make a great team.

On a daily basis we focus on creating:

If you want our energetic team to work for your business, please go to the contact us button at the top right of our site and get in touch.  If you want another reason to make contact, please look at our testimonial page and see how happy you could be if you were working with us.